Retail Ready

Gregory's Foods uses baking techniques and quality ingredients that will create a tradition that will last forever. Your customers will taste the difference immediately and will come back to you for more.   Our 'Retail Ready' products will:
  • Save you preparation time
  • Employees will be able to focus on customers and not prep and baking
  • Go from freezer to display case or oven
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Apple Fritters Retail Ready Freezer to Display Case Gregory''s Foods
Apple Fritters
Bag of Cookies; Ready to Bake Delicious Cookies by Gregory''s Foods
Bag of Cookies
Bread and Buns Mixes and Bases from Gregory''s Foods Eagan, MN
Bread & Bun Mixes/ Bases 
Brownies, Cakes, and more Gregory''s Foods Eagan, MN
  Brownies | Cakes & more
Retail Ready Buns and Rolls by Gregory''s Foods, Eagan, MN
Buns & Rolls
Bake Shop Retail Ready Cookies by Gregory''s Foods
Bake Shop Cookies  

Apple Crisp | Cherry Crisp by Gregory''s Foods
Dessert Crisps  
Donut bases and mixes by Gregory''s Foods Eagan, MN
Donut Bases & Mixes  
Gluten Free Muffins, Pies, Tarts, Cookies and more retail ready.
Gluten Free  
Retail Ready Homemade Pies Apple Peach Cherry Pumpkin
Thaw and Service Rolls and Buns
 Thaw n Serve  

Our products and flavors are:The perfect choice
  • Every bite is pure pleasure
  • Just right for gatherings, birthday parties, anniversaries, etc.
  • Tried and true classics
  • Made right with high-quality ingredients
  • Unsurpassed flavors
  • Elegant. Unsurpassed. Tasty .