Natural Buns and Dinner Rolls

Our breads are made from all-natural ingredients.  No artificial ingredients, flavorings or preservatives are ever added, which is often the case with mass-produced, commercial varieties sold in supermarkets.   Plus our breads contain 0 grams of trans-fats.

Natural Buns and Dinner Rolls
All Natural Ingredients for Breads, Buns, Rolls at Gregory''s Foods

Natural Buns and
Dinner Rolls

Natural Brat Bun
Natural Butter & Egg Roll
Natural Cocktail Bun
Natural Dinner Roll
Natural Finger Roll
Natural Hamburger Bun
Natural White Hoagie Bun
Natural Hot Dog Bun
Natural Kaiser Roll
Natural Onion Hamburger Bun (Batch Qty Only 24 Cases)
Natural Steak Bun
Natural Wheat Brat Bun
Natural Wheat Cocktail Bun
Natural Wheat Dinner Roll
Natural Wheat Finger Roll (Batch Qty Only 20 Cases)
Natural Wheat Hamburger Bun
Natural Wheat Hot Dog Bun
Natural White Mountain Roll
Natural Yellow Hamburger Bun
Natural Yellow Tea Roll

Natural scratch-quality
Natural ingredients
Extended shelf-life reduces shrink
120 day frozen shelf life
5 day retail shelf life
7 day customer shelf life

Buns and Dinner Rolls
Natural Buns and Dinner Rolls
Whole Grain Breads

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