Natural Breads

Our breads our made from all-natural ingredients.  No artificial ingredients, flavorings or preservatives are ever added, which is often the case with mass-produced, commercial varieties sold in supermarkets.   Plus our breads contain 0 grams of trans-fats.

100 percent natural whole wheat bread by Gregory''s Foods

Whole Wheat Bread Natural

Natural Breads
Natural Alpine 7 Grain 1#
Natural Caraway Rye 1# and 2#
Natural Chunky Cinnamon  
Natural Cinnamon 1#
Natural Cinnamon Raisin 1#
Natural Cracked Wheat 1# and 1.5#
Natural Egg 1# and 1.5#
Natural French Bread
Natural Krustee French Bread
Natural Light Rye 1# (Batch Qty only 15
Natural Onion Rye 1#
Natural Siebenfelder 1#
Natural White 1# 
Natural Wheat Bread 1#
Natural 100% Whole Wheat Bread 1.5#

Natural Circle Label
Natural Chunky Cinnamon Bread
Natural Chunky Cinnamon Bread by Gregory''s Foods Wholesale

Gregory’s Foods
Natural line of Buns,

Breads and Mixes,
want tender love and care.
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Where to buy natural breads and bun by Gregory''s Foods

Have you tried
Natural Chunky Cinnamon Bread?
natural ingredients
120 day frozen shelf life
4 day retail shelf life
7 day customer shelf life

Natural Breads, Buns, Rolls, White, Whole Wheat, Wild Rice

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