Liquids and Shortenings

Shortenings –
Several types are available. Most are sold at room temperature enabling easy to work with dough. Add to your fryer and heat to desired temperature and add your dough. Your food items will be perfectly colored, light and taste scrumptious. Your white frosting will shine, your sanding sugars will sparkle and your fruit toppings will be mouthwatering.

Honey –
Gooey and golden rich adding sweetness to every bite. The texture. The flavor. The aroma. It’s a spoonful of paradise every time.

Molasses –
Healthy alternative to other sweetners. Offering light and dark molasses with a blooming and sweet savory taste. Adds a rich color to your delicious products


B & R Pan Release (spray application)
Canola Oil
Caramel Color
Fine Corn Syrup Solids
Glucose/Corn Syrup 45# or 2 gallon pail
Hi-Fructose Corn Syrup -42%
Molasses - Golden Light
Molasses - #520 Black Strap
Molasses - Dark
Nuvert Congealed Sugar
PAM Release Spray/Grease
Salad Oil (soy bean)


133 IE Shortening
Cake, Super Cell - Bunge 312
Donut Fry-Shortening-Bungee
Donut Fry-Shortening - Stratus Primex
Icing Shortening, Apline z
Lard Cube
Liquid Shortening - Fluid Flex
Palm NH:108- Bunge
Pan Grease
Pie Shortening Bunge NH Vegetable
VREAMAY Cake and Icing Shortening #300