Gourmet Cookies  
Retail Ready Cookies
Freezer to Shelf

Our Gourmet Cookie are made with the highest quality ingredients, ensuring each bit is full of rich, flavorful goodness your customer expect.  We believe that a cookie is not just a cookie, but a work of art.  Carefully crafted by our skilled bakers, you pour their heart and soul in every batch.   Treat your customers to Gourmet Cookies that are sure to delight.
  • 4 flavors
  • Made with real butter
  • 12 packs in a case
  • Each pack is shrink wrapped ready for sale
  • Freezer to shelf
  • Each pack include ingredients and nutritional labels which are loose in the case.  Giving you the option to place your store label on the cookie package.
  • Shelf life is 6 months frozen and 8 days thawed -- pull as you need them! 
  • Scratch quality and homemade flavor

Gourmet Cookies - 3 oz

Chocolate Chunk Walnut Cookie - NEW
Monster Cookie - NEW
Cranberry Chocolate Chunk - NEW
Chocolate Chocolate Chunk - NEW

Chocolate Chuck Walnut Gourmet Cookie 3 ounce GregorysFoods.com
Chocolate Chunk Walnut
Gourmet Cookie -3 oz

Monster Gourmet Cookie 3 ounce by Gregorys Foods Eagan, MN
Gourmet Cookie -3 oz

Cranberry Chocolate Chunk Gourmet Cookie 3 ounce Gregorys Foods
Cranberry Chocolate Chunk 
Gourmet Cookie -3 oz

Chocolate Chocolate Chunk Gourmet Cookie 3 ounce Gregorys Foods
Chocolate Chocolate Chunk 
Gourmet Cookie -3 oz

A tradition of excellence
Shelf Ready 
Delicious Cookies
Freezer to shelf

6 months frozen shelf life
8 days thawed shelf life
Reduces shrink drastically

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