Flours and Oats

Have we got flour!   If we don't have it, you don't need it.
  • Milled from premium wheats
  • Fermentation tolerance is awesome
  • Versatile for creating artians breads, cookies, scones, cakes, etc.
Our oats make the best oatmeal breakfast -- it's perfect for cold mornings or a warm sunny day on the patio with your cup of coffee.   Best of all it's healthy with great taste.

Flours and Oats

Artisan Bakers Flour
Bakers Wheat Bran
Cake Flour - Arden Mills
Cake Flour - Siemer
Clear Flour (Boxer)
Corn Flour
Dakota Diamond - No Bromate50
Dakota Diamond (ND Mill) Bread
Dakota Enriched, Unbleached/Unbromated
Empire Builder (ND Mill) High Gluten Flour
Empire Enriched, Unbleached/Unbromated
Kyrol AD High Gluten Flour
Malted Barley Flour - diastatic malt
Miller (ND Mill) Bread Flour
New Prague K/54 Flour
Pastry Flour - White Spray from ConAgra
Pastry Flour - unbleached and unbromated
Potato Flour
Rice Flour
Rye Flour - Dark
Rye Flour - Light/White
Rye Flour - Medium
Rye Meal - Flakey, coarse
Rye Meal/Pumpernickel Course
Rye Meal/Pumpernickel Fine
Rye Meal/Pumpernickel Medium
Soy Flour (Honeysoy E200-70)
Wheat - Cargill Wheat Select (white)
Wheat - Coarse Whole Wheat
Wheat - Cultured Flour
Wheat - Grain Es'tis White Whole Wheat Flour
Wheat - Medium Whole Wheat Flour
Wheat - Steel Cut Cracked Wheat
Oats - Quick
Oats - Rolled
Potato Flakes
Vital Wheat Gluten
Wheat Gluten - 10# or 50#

Baking Powders & Sodas

Baking Soda 20# or 50#
DBL Acting Baking Powder 10# or 50#


Bakers Bran - 5# or 40# (wheat)
Oat Brand 8# coarse

Corn Meal

Corn Meal 10# or 50#

Dough Conditioners & Softners

Diastatic Malt Supplement
Dough Conditioner 10# or 50#
Ex-Tender (Dough conditioner)
No-Bro-Do (Dough Improver)
Enzyme Dough Conditioner
SSL Emplex


A/B Mauri Red 20/1# dry years
Fleischmann's 10/5# (compressed)
Minn-Dak Yeast - 50# bags