Flours and Oats

Have we got flour!   If we don't have it, you don't need it.
  • Milled from premium wheats
  • Fermentation tolerance is awesome
  • Versatile for creating artians breads, cookies, scones, cakes, etc.
Our oats make the best oatmeal breakfast -- it's perfect for cold mornings or a warm sunny day on the patio with your cup of coffee.   Best of all it's healthy with great taste.

Flours and Oats

Bakers Wheat Bran
BG Artisan Flour
Cake Flour
Clear Flour
Corn Flour
Corn Meal
Dakota Enriched, Unbleached/Unbromated
Empire Enriched, Unbleached/Unbromated
High Gluten Flour
Miller (ND Mill) Bread Flour
Millers EN/UNB/UNB
Minnesota Girl
Oat Flour
Potato Flour
Qualitate AA
Rice Flour
Rye Flour - Dark
Rye Flour - Light/White
Rye Flour - Medium
Rye Meal - Flakey, coarse
Rye Meal/Pumpernickel Course
Rye Meal/Pumpernickel Fine
Rye Meal/Pumpernickel Medium
Soy Flour (Honeysoy E200-70)
Soft White Wheat
Wheat - Wheat Select (white)
Wheat - Coarse Whole Wheat
Wheat - Cultured Flour
Wheat - Medium Whole Wheat Flour
Wheat - Steel Cut Cracked Wheat
Oats - Quick
Oats - Rolled
Potato Flakes
Vital Wheat Gluten
Wheat Gluten - 10# or 50#
Yeast - 10/5# (compressed)
Yeast - A/B Mauri Red
Yeats - A/B Mauri Gold

Baking Powders & Sodas

Baking Soda 20# or 50#
DBL Acting Baking Powder 10# or 50#


Bakers Bran - 5# or 40# (wheat)
Oat Brand 8# coarse

Corn Meal

Corn Meal 10# or 50#

Dough Conditioners & Softners

Diastatic Malt Supplement
Dough Conditioner 10# or 50#
Ex-Tender (Dough conditioner)
No-Bro-Do (Dough Improver)
Enzyme Dough Conditioner
SSL Emplex


A/B Mauri Red 20/1# dry years
10/5# (compressed)
Yeast - 50# bags
Have questions about specific ingredients? Give us a call (651) 454-0277 and our knowledgeable team is here to provide you with expert answers and guidance!