Flavors and Spices

Add a boost of flavor with our ground spices.

Your signature dishes will become primo with a topping of seeds.

Our Liquid Flavors will add richness and a glorious bouquet to your feast.

Our cinnamon is difficult to describe it caresses your palette.


Lemon Emulsion (water-based)

Almond 16 to 1 - Dry
Butter Flavor - Dry
Butter & Vanilla - Dry
Butter/Lemon/Orange/Vanilla - Dry
Cinnamon - 10#, 25# or 50#
Chocolate - Dry
Graham Crackers Crumbs
Lemon Flavor Crystals - Dry
Maple - Canadian
Peanut Butter 35# or 50# pail
Potato Flakes 40#
Pumpkin - 6/#10 cans
Sour Cream - Dry
White Sour - Dry
Vanilla Crystals - Dry
Vanilla Powder - Dry
Vanilla - Liquid 16x (uncolored)
Vanilla - Liquid 2X Bakers uncolored

Seasonings / Spices / Seeds

Caraway Seeds Ground
Caraway Seeds Whole
Diastatic Malt Supplement
Flax Seeds
Garlic Powder
Garlic Spread
Ginger - ground
Malted Barley Flour - Diastatic malt
Nutmeg - 5# or 10#
Onion - Dried chopped 10# or 40#
Poppy Seeds
Poppy Seeds - European
Pumpkin Seeds
Salt -
Salt - Flour
Sesame Seeds
Sunflower Seeds

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