Filling Flavors

Bake and sell the fresh taste of summer all year long.   Our high-quality and affordable fruit product for your bakery or restaurant menus.

Fruit Fillings | Apple Blueberry Cherry Strawberry Lemon Raspberry


Apple Pie
Apple Raspberry

Apple Turnover
Bavarian Crème
Blueberry EZ Pump
Blueberry Pie
Blueberry Turnover
Cherry Danish (pumpable)
Cherry Pie Supreme - Chunky
Chocoa Likor

Egg Nog Crème (Sep - Dec) 20#
European Raspberry
Lemon Drop
Master Martini Chocolate
Peach Pie
Pies SPL Chocoa Likor
Raspberry EZ Pump Danish (has seeds)
Raspberry Filling EZ Pump

Raspberry Bismarck Excel (no seeds)
Royal Strawberry Topping (Filling)

Strawberry Danish (has seeds)

Available in convenient sizes:
  • 12 - 2 pound packs
  • 20 pound pail
  • 40 pound pail

Bag Paks  12/2#

Apple (apple supreme danish)
Bavarian Crème
Blueberry (S. Sihne) B&R
Cherry B&R
Cream Cheese
Lemon Drop B&R
Raspberry (same an EZ Pump)
Strawberry (same as EZ Pump)
Variety (Apple, Bavarian , Lemon Raspberry)