Danish Doughs

Our Danish Doughs span the full range of flavors from creams to fruit to buttery.   We use the same ingredients that old-world bakeries used; delivery fresh, high-quality products.   Your customers will be coming back for more. 

Danish with fruit base filling by Gregory''s Foods
Danish Doughs

Butter Cream Pecan
Danish Snail Rolls
Danish Squares (5x5)
European Butter Danish
Figure 8’s
FTO Almond Bear Claws
FTO Raspberry Bear Claws
Peanut Butter Rolls
Snail Coffee Cakes
Super Danish Cinnamon Sticks
Danish pastries is one of the best European imports we enjoy across the United States.  The creamy sweetness, the gently folded dough, filled with goodness creates the home-made touch.

Your topping or pastry filling you choose, you can be sure they will be the very best.