Dairy and Eggs

Our butters are extra creamy and slow churned.  Easy to spread and excellent for cooking to add that extra special touch.

Our Cream Cheese is smooth, creamy and lick your lips goodness.

Our eggs are the freshest.

Our milk is rich and flavorful.

Butter Grade AA - salted and unsalted
Buttermilk - Sweet Cream
Cream - Instant White Mousse Mix
Cream Cheese
Margarine -  Bakers
Margarine -  Cookie
Milk Blend
Milk - non-fat dry 10# or 55#
Whey Powder Extra Grade


Dry Natural Egg Whites
Dry Natural Egg Yolks
Dry Natural Whole Eggs
Egg Free Eggstender
Frozen Egg Whites - Hi Whip
Frozen Sugar Yolks
Frozen Whole Eggs - 6/5#
Frozen Whole Eggs - 30#
Gr-eg (1# Gr-eg & 4# water=5# of liq whole egg)
Liquid Eggs 2/20 lbs.

Have questions about specific ingredients? Give us a call (651) 454-0277 and our knowledgeable team is here to provide you with expert answers and guidance!