Retail Ready Cupcakes
Freezer to Shelf

Are you looking to provide your customers with the best baked cookies? You’ve come to the right place! Our awesome sales team will be happy to provide you with samples and prices. You’re only a phone call away from having premium Bake Shop cookies on your store shelf! That’s worth waking up for!

  • 6/24 pack (144 cupcakes)
  • 1.3 oz cupcakes
  • 144 cupcakes per case
  • Freezer to shelf
  • Shelf life is 6 months frozen and 8 days thawed -- pull as you need them! 
  • Scratch quality and homemade flavor


Carrot Cake
Marble (Choc/Van)
Rainbow (Van)
Purple & Gold (Seasonal Fall)
Green & Gold (Seasonal Fall)
Pumpkin (Seasonal Fall)
Orange & Black (Seasonal Fall0
Red & Green (Seasonal Holidays)
Red & Pink (Season Spring)

Rainbow Cupcakes
Kids LOVE them!
Vanilla Profile
Rainbow cupcakes | Freezer to Shelf | Save labor costs today

A tradition of excellence
Shelf Ready 
Save labor costs
Freezer to shelf

6 months frozen shelf life
8 days thawed shelf life
Reduces shrink drastically

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Chocolate Cupcakes
Chocolate Cupcakes Freezer to shelf, save labor costs