Yeast Raised Frying Doughs

Seeking a Signature product?

Gregory's Foods Raised Donut Doughs is the perfect solution.   They are light, delicious and extremely tender. 

They are easy to fry with low shortening absorption.   It's everything you are looking for in a great yeast raised line.

Croissant Donuts, layered pastry dough, rich and flakey, Gregory''s Foods

Croissant Donuts

Yeast Raised Frying Doughs

Crossant Donuts (Batch Qty Only)
Donut Rings
Fried Cinnamon Twists
Long Johns

Pershing Fried Cinnamon Rolls

Our yeast-raised fresh donut dough in a proof-and-fry format is here for you to bring things full circle. We have all the hits, including cinnamon, bismarks and cinnamon twists. The only limit is your imagination.