Coconut, Fruit, Nuts 

Add texture and taste to your popular products.  Add that extra crunch.   Bring back fall with our Pumpkin.    Our raisins are extra plump for your oatmeal cookies.


Almonds - natural sliced
Macadamia Nuts 10# or 25#
Peanuts - 10#  or 30# granulated
Peanut Meal
Pecans - 10# or 30# medium pieces
Pecans  - 30# topper halves large
Walnuts - 10#  or 30# pieces small light


Apples - Dry 1/4x1/4x1/4
Apples - Granny Smith Sliced 6+1
Banana Puree (5 gallon bag in box)
Blueberries (cultivated) - IQF
Blueberries - Wild
Cherries - Green Glazed (seasonal)
Cherries - Red Glazed (seasonal)
Cherries - RTP 5+1, Frozen
Cranberries - Dry
Pennant Diced Fruit Mix (seasonal)
Pineapple Wedges - Natural (seasonal)
Pumpkin- Canned
Raisins (Midget)
Raspberries - IQF
Strawberries, Frozen, Whole 4+1 Pail
Supreme Fruit Mix (Seasonal)


Coconut - Chipped
Coconut Macaroon - fine unsweetened
Coconut Oil

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