Cake, Cookie, Muffin and Rosette Mixes

Got Milk?

Nothing goes better with milk than cakes, cookies and muffins!   Gregory's Foods mixes and bases are made from real ingredients and all from scratch.   We eliminate purchasing a long list of ingredients you will need to manage, measure and store.   Plus our cookie, cake,  muffin mixes and bases will allow your production team to get creative with unique flavors.
Cake Mixes

Cake Base – Dream
Cake Mix – Chocolate Excel
Cake Mix - Gluten Free Cream Cake
Cake Mix – White Excel

Cookie Bases

Butter Cookie Base
Cookie Base, TFF
Dark Cookie Base, TFF
Y-2-K Cookie Base

Muffin Bases

Dreamcake - add eggs, oil, water
Double Chocolate Muffin Base
Royal Muffin Base (Half Batch Qty Only)

Sweet Dough Base

Sweet Dough Base - Rich and Tender

Rosette Mixes

Rosette Mixes (Aug - Dec) (Prebook)