Buns and Rolls

Hot Dog Buns | Purchase Dough to bake or Retail Ready hot dog bunsThe key to making truly great rolls is not taking any shortcuts. With our traditional roll—a.k.a. the Butterflake Roll—that means using only fresh creamery butter and whole eggs. With our old-world Krustee Hoagie Buns, that means allowing enough time for the dough to reach that perfect  flavor—and then timing the oven just right to get a thin, crisp, golden-brown crust.

List of Our Buns and Rolls

Black Rye Brat Bun (Apr - Sep)
Bun Square 3.5" (Batch Qty Only)
Butter & Egg Bun 3 oz.
Butterflake Rolls
Kolachi Buns
Krustee Hoagie Buns
Rye Dinner Rolls (Sep - Dec)
Sauerkraut Rye Brat Buns (Apr - Aug)
Spring Fruit Buns (Feb - Apr)

Retail Ready Buns

Butter & Egg Dinner Roll
White Dinner Rolls, 12 pack

White Hamburger Buns, 8 pack
White Hot Dog Buns, 8 pack
Wheat Dinner Rolls, 12 pack
Wheat Hamburger Buns,  8 pack
Wheat Hot Dog Buns, 8 pack

Our Hoagies -- look at that texture!
Hoagies Buns by Gregory''s Foods, your bakery wholesale distributor

Hot Dog Buns (dough or retail ready)
Hot Dog Buns | Purchase Dough or Retail Ready hot dog buns

As American staples, hamburgers and hot dogs are found in many places beyond ball games and barbecues. In fact, the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council reported that Americans spend $2 billion a year on hot dogs.

But in order to fully enjoy hamburgers and hot dogs, you need delicious buns. At Gregory's Foods, we sell a wide variety of buns to restaurants, schools, and food companies around the country.

When you bite into a fresh Gregory's Foods bun, you’ll notice the difference. With time-tested recipes, high-quality ingredients, and handcrafted dough, our buns have a special touch.