Brownie and Fudge Bases and Mixes

Decadently rich....

Brownie mixes and fudge bases provides the freedom to create tasty and customized brownies and fudge for every season.  Have you baked brownies with cranraisins?   Scrumptious!

Classic Chocolate Fudge with sprinkled with Sea Salt -- dellightful.

We only use the high-quality ingredients; just like grandma. 

Brownie Bases and Mixes

Fudge Brownie Mix - 20# & 50#
Sterling Brownie Mix

Fudge Bases

Classic Fudge Base
Chocoa Likor
Pies SPL Chocoa Likor

Brownie Mixes, Fudge Brownie Mix, Superior Brownie Mix (cakey)