Brownie, Cake, Cookie, Fudge, Muffin, Rosette and Sweet Dough
Bases and Mixes

Brownies --
Brownie Mixes, Fudge Brownie Mix, Superior Brownie Mix (cakey)Creamy, moist, succulent and gooey.  Our gourmet brownies our mouth-watering and will leave your customers craving for more.

Cake Mixes --
Fool-proof cakes that rise every time; full of flavor and old-fashioned goodness.

Cookie Bases --
With an outer layer that has a slight crunch and a chewy center.  With our cookie base, you can let your imagination soar -- creating a cookie unique to your business.

Muffin Mixes --
Mornings will never be the same, your customers will crave these tasty delights.   Add a few fun ingredients to create a delightful muffin.

Brownie Mixes

Fudge Brownie Mix - just add water!
Superior Brownie (cakey-fudge) - just add water!
Superior Brownie (fudge) - just add water!

Cake Mixes

Cake Mix - Angel Food
Cake Mix-Choc-Excel- add water/oil
Cake Mix - Jelly Roll Base
Cake Mix - White-Excel - add water/oil
Dream Cake Base
Pound Cake Mix, Dry

Cookie Bases

Butter Cookie Base - add flour and water
Y-2-K Cookie Base - add eggs, flour, lemon emul and water

Fudge -- Seasonal

Muffin Mixes

Royal Muffin Base
Dreamcake Base - add eggs, oil, water

Rosettes - Seasonal

Sweet Doughs

Sweet Do Base - Rich and Tender
Sweet Do and Danish Base

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Cookies Bases for Bakeries, Grocery Stores, Restaurants, Coffee Shops