Bread Bases and Mixes

Gregory’s Foods has a wide variety of bread bases available, that we use for ALL of our own frozen bread dough. Ask for samples today!
Bread Bases and Mixes

Bread Base – Alpine 7 Grain
Bread Base – Home-style
Bread Base – Krustee Plus 2
Bread Base – Premier (wet base)
Bread Base – Pumpernickel
Bread Base – Natural Siebenfelder
Bread Concentrate – Deli French
Bread Concentrate – Seven Grain
Bread Concentrate – Wheat (100%)
Bread Mix – Alaskan Sour Dough
Bread Mix – Focaccia
Bread Mix – Old World Pumpernickel
Bread Mix – Super Sour Dough
Bread Mix – Wild Rice
Break Mix – 10 Grain
Quick Time Buttermilk Biscuit Mix
Supreme Bun Base