About Us
Gregory's Foods first location in 1980Gregory’s Foods was founded in 1980 by Greg Helland and is still a family owned business based in Eagan, Minnesota. We have obtained both AIB and SQF Certification. We have an in-house R&D Lab, headed up by a Certified Master Baker, to assist with Formulation, Development and ongoing Quality Control testing. This allows us to not only to maintain the quality of Gregory’s Products, but also to assist customers in creating and maintaining Proprietary Mixes, Blends and Doughs to their specifications, requirements and demands.

Gregory’s Foods not only has a Frozen Production Facility, but Wet Mix and Dry Mix Facilities as well. With these areas, we have some of the most advanced production and control capabilities in the industry. This lets Gregory’s Foods bring you everything from frozen bread and bun doughs, cookies and batters, to mixes and bases, fillings, glazes and icings, and a long list of scratch ingredients.

Gregory's Foods building today in 2020, we are growingWe at Gregory’s also try to be forward thinking. With advancements in technology and knowledge of foods and ingredients, Gregory’s Foods continues to raising the standards with our Natural line of breads and buns. These products use natural ingredients, giving them not only a clean label, but a longer shelf life and better flavor as well.

Make an appointment for us to come meet you, see your operation, discuss your needs and try some samples. Our products can be designed around what you already make or don’t make. We can help tailor inventory pars and determine delivery times so you are always having fresh product without running out. And we can assist in helping you price your items as well.
We can handle all of your needs for breads and desserts. Our menus include fresh breads, bagels, danish, pastries, cakes, tortes, donuts, muffins, scones, tarts and more.

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Our goal is to provide our customers with "made from scratch quality" baking goods and products.  To ensure quality, we test every batch of products and hold samples for future developments.  Combined experience at our lab results in 110+ years of experience!  That means quality products to meet your business needs made by professionals.